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Clementina Tequila

Clementina Tequila Blanco

Clementina Tequila Blanco

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A very clear, vibrant tequila, just like Jalisco's sky! It’s obtained by extracting the juices of the blue agave heart. produced in Amatitan, Jalisco at Fabrica La Regional - Casa Tequilera.

  • Silver Medal winner at 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 
  • 40% Alcohol By Volume (80 Proof).
  • 100% Agave from Jalisco, Mexico


  • To the eye: Lively platinum spark with a perfect body.
  • First nose: Citric and herbal aroma. Floral notes with a slight vanilla aroma, combined with cooked agave and sweet caramel.
  • To the palate: Mild with a hint of agave syrup, caramel, herbal, and citric notes.
  • Aftertaste: Smooth, long notes with a great body.


  • Keeping it below 20°C (68°F).
  • Serving it straight or on the rocks.
  • Ideal for its use in mixology. When mixing, try combining it with sweet flavors such as iced tea or fruit mixers. 
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